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  1. Did you know that you can claim your donations as tax deductible expenses in your annual income tax return?NID is a Section 18A registered organisation which means that as a donor you can obtain certain income tax benefits for donations made during the fiscal year.It is not too late to make your contribution to the wonderful work done by NID and still receive your 2017 tax year benefit…Donate before 28 February 2018 with the referenc...

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  1. NID Run for the Deaf - Two Oceans Marathon 2018
    30 participants will be running in support of the NID Run for the Deaf campaign to the benefit of the Deaf and persons with hearing loss.
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  2. Deaf Elderly Care
    The care of Elderly Deaf in a protected Deaf-friendly environment.
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  3. Multi-Disabled Deaf Care
    The care of Deaf Adults with multiple disabilities.
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