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  1. On Saturday 11 April 2020, a very special group of people will be running the world’s most beautiful and most sought after race! 50 participants have chosen to run the Old Mutual Two Oceans Half Marathon 2020 in support of the NID Run for the Deaf Campaign to the benefit of the Deaf and persons with hearing loss at NID.They are running for the lives changed every day by the National Institute for the Deaf, who has since inc...

    human services

    R46,868 raised
    20 Fundraiser projects
    136 Donors

Other campaigns

  1. NID Run for the Deaf - Marathon Tour 2019
    26 athletes take part in a marathon tour to Europe to raise awareness and financial support for elderly- and multiple-disabled Deaf adults at NID.
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  2. Deaf Elderly Care
    The care of Elderly Deaf in a protected Deaf-friendly environment.
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  3. Multi-Disabled Deaf Care
    The care of Deaf Adults with multiple disabilities.
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