Charity profile

The functions and objectives of the Darling Music for All / Darling Musiek vir Almal (DMA) initiative is to uplift, support, educate and develop the underprivileged youth of the community through music; by making available to them musical instruments and music tutoring. Our goal is to develop a youth orchestra, youth choir, brass-based band and jazz ensemble.

Our initiative follows similar principles as the most successful El Sistema initiative in Venezuela.

The DMA was officially formed in February 2011 as a NPO, with an executive committee,
two of whom double-up as tutors. Student lessons are being hosted at the Early Childhood Development Centre which is part of the Darling Trust, in the DMA rehearsal rooms at The Planet Art Creative Centre, as well as private homes and church centres. Learners will develop to become future tutors, thus enabling the project to become sustainable.

Our current student base consists of seven violinists, one guitarist, twenty piano, forty recorder, one clarinet, four trumpet, five trombone, two saxophone and twelve drummer / percussionist students. We have been donated trumpets and trombones and have established a tutor for these instruments. Our recent purchase of two new saxophones now requires the services of a tutor.

Our aim is to establish a mini orchestra, including a brass-based band and at a later stage, the introduction of jazz music. All genres of performed music will be a combination of student musicians and their tutors.

The DMA, where possible, is collaborating with other music organisations / schools / universities and NGO's. This will result in mutually beneficial relationships in the field of music tuition. eg: The Darling Trust.

The DMA require instruments of any type which could be donated for the tutoring of students. We acknowledge, with sincere thanks, those who have already donated musical instruments, including a recent donation by the Innibos Festival of Nelspruit.

We also require teachers for piano, violin, flute, guitar, wind / reed instrument, drum / percussion and youth choir. All assistance will be greatly appreciated.