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Cape Mental Health celebrated its 100th Anniversary!

In 1913 we began as a small entity in a very different form, but we have developed and grown vastly to who we are today... (please read more on the GivenGain About page)

Cape Mental Health promotes mental health and our various programmes and projects help people to adjust to their disability, to adapt to family and community life, and to acquire the coping skills they need to achieve their greatest level of independence.

 To do this, we provide a range of community-based sevices for persons with intellectual and psychiatric disabilities. Our services include assessment, referral, counselling and support. We offer special education and care centres for children with severe or profound intellectual disability, and skills training, rehabilitation and work opportunities for adults with psychiatric and intellectual disabilities. Our advocacy initiatives, training courses and community awareness programmes are preparing society to accept and to accomodate the contribution and involvement of people with mental disabilities.

In the next few weeks we are going to launch our new birthday calendar, featuring art of our service users, people either with intellectual or psychiatric disability. It is an amazing showcase of talent, and a great gift for friends and family!

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