Charity profile

The Catholic Institute of Education (CIE) is currently looking for funds to promote quality teaching and learning in over 340 schools in South Africa.  The organisation also does work in schools in Lesotho.

Much of our work is providing in-service training for educators to improve the teaching of literacy and numeracy.  Through CIE, schools are encouraged to live out a Christian Catholic ethos, which means creating an atmosphere of love, care and concern.

CIE's current focus is to move schools away from a punitive form of discipline by introducing them to the concept of restorative justice.  This is a form of discipline that respects the dignity of the child while appealing to them to rectify what they did wrong.

CIE supports over 2 000 learners in 40 under-resourced schools ensuring that they have access to quality education in independent schools in rural and township settings. Each child in the school is helped to recognise his or her potential and, in a safe and encouraging environment, explore where that might lead.