Charity profile

Everyone "dreams a dream"

A one stop career solution for young adults with Intellectual challenges

What we do

•Identify -•LIKES, Strengths and Abilities

•Convert into -•Career Path ; hone Life Skills

•Progress to -•On-site Training; with Professional Partner

•Job placement -•Employer/Employee matching done in chosen Career; offer long-termsupport

•Results -•Satisfied Client + Happy Employer•+ Independence + Pride•+ Valuable part of Community + a true Asset to the Employer

How we do it

1: Skills development

•Full Assessment of Likes, strengths, abilities and challenges

•All round Life Skills taught to encourage independent living once employed (including Domestic, Maintenance, Public Transport, Self Esteem + Relationships, community services, Personal Rights etc.)

•Professional skills taught (Work-place etiquette, body language, Self Advocacy, Conflict management, Electronic communication etc.)

•Personal challenges identified and overcome;

•A career path identified

2: Transition to Work

•Professional/Training Partner is Identified

•Full job task analysis of identified career path

•Placement Specialist does full job task sequence at training partner

•Training in the career path’s tasks at C.C.C. Facility

•Onsite job trials with training partner, full support of Placement Specialist

•Assessments and report back - ensuring comfortable with and able to do chosen career

•Support need identified

3: Employment Placement

•The Student becomes the Client

•Employment specialist identifies and negotiates job placement - ideally in local community – basis of same pay for same or similar job description

•Placement Specialist does a full job task analysis with potential employer

•Sensitisation of Employer, Managers and colleagues

•Placement Specialist does the full job task at employment site

•Step by step assistance in settling in new job- including orientation and shadowing

•Implements long term support program.