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  1. Unfortunately, some of our learners lost their funding during Covid, and we are desperately seeking assistance to help them finish their education journey and enable them to continue to Tertiary studies.  By sponsoring a child, you are providing a life changing opportunity. Short Term Sponsorships – ‘help these kids complete their high school education’  Athenkosi – Year 12, Norman Hensilwood- 6 month sponsorship re...

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  1. SPONSOR our Bright Start Bus
    Sponsor our Bright Start Bus and help get our learners to school safe & on time.
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    How can you help a Bright Start Grade 12 learner to succeed in 2021?
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  3. Help Bright Start Educational Support Program grow.
    We want to grow, offer more educational opportunities, but we cannot do this without a dedicated fundraiser. Are you up for the challenge?
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  4. Maths support for Bright Start learners
    For access to The Reflective Learning Company, which provides additional Maths support for all our learners for one year.
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