Charity profile

We believe in Hope! Hope is an achor for Life (Heb 6:19). Building Hope Foundation builds hope on the foundation of love.

Building Hope Foundation equips, trains and is involved on ground level in HIV/AIDS prevention education, Evangelism and Human Trafficking awareness throughout Southern Africa .

In partnership with existing, well developed networks and organisations effective and relevant resources are used to impart hope, enhance morality, change behaviour and introduce others to the Source of Hope, Christ Jesus.

You can be part of this life changing work. A donation of any size has a ripple effect in communities. Enable us to GO and make a difference. If you would like to be involved, we recommend a gift of R150 or $20.

We need funds to:

  1. Equip and train people with the relevant resources
  2. Translate material so people can people can become advocates in their own communities
  3. Go beyond tar roads - help us buy a four wheel drive vehicle to go to rural communities, where tar roads don't go.
  4. Simply do the work, and do it very well.