Charity profile

Beautiful Gate Lesotho Childcare Centre was founded in 2001 in response to the overwhelming rates of orphaned, abandoned, HIV-infected, and other vulnerable children in Lesotho. Co-founders Ray and Sue Haakonsen witnessed the need of these children firsthand, and followed God's call on their lives to establish a new and better form of care for them.

Over the past 17 years of operation, we have had the privilege of caring for over 550 children. With the help of our own social worker and the Lesotho Ministry of Social Development, we have been able to facilitate almost 250 adoptions (both locally and internationally) and over 150 reunifications with biological family members. 

Beautiful Gate Lesotho continues to focus on providing residential care for infants and children predominantly between the ages of birth and five years old. We seek to be a safe and nurturing environment for the children God entrusts to our care, providing for their spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual needs. We currently have the ability to house up to 75 children on our campus.

Additionally, we have plans to open a second care facility in another district of Lesotho that will cater to children aged six years old and above, as well as having a focused program for children with special needs. While this project is still in early planning stages we are very excited for this future expansion.

As an 85% donor-funded, non-profit organization, Beautiful Gate Lesotho is heavily reliant on support from churches, businesses, funding organizations, and generous individuals to help us meet our financial needs. We have been amazed by the support we have received and the relationships we have built over the years, and we continue to hope and pray for partners to come alongside us in making the Father's love known to everyone who sets foot on our campus.