Charity profile

EMPOWERING COMMUNITIES | ENABLING CONSERVATION                                                       Our vision is of rural communities that have developed to secure their own future welfare, and have a vested interest in the conservation of Africa’s spectacular natural environment and wildlife.

Therefore our goal is simple - to facilitate in the uplifting, up-skilling and empowering of people living in identified rural communities near core conservation areas.

To do this, we build long term relationships with communities and facilitate the delivery of projects that they identify. Working in complete collaboration with community members, government and other stakeholders,we ensure that the appropriate structures are in place to guarantee the long-term sustainability of the projects developed.

We implement projects and programmes within 4 focus areas:


Healthcare / Access to Water

Rural Business Development 


Founded in 1992, Africa Foundation is an independent, non-profit, tax-exempt organisation registered in South Africa, the United States and the United Kingdom. 

Please note that if you are within the USA or UK it may be more beneficial for you to donate via Africa Foundation (USA) or Africa Foundation (UK) for tax and gift aid purposes - donations through this portal will be received directly to Africa Foundation based in South Africa.



Thank you for your interest and support!