Charity profile

Africa Foundation was born out of the belief that, through consultation and dialogue, conversation and collaboration with legitimate leadership, rural communities are empowered to enable development on a far more successful and sustainable scale.

Together with eco-tourism operators – primarily andBeyond – and in consultation with the communities themselves, Africa Foundation facilitates socio-economic development of rural communities, predominantly those living in or adjacent to conservation areas, which assists in the protection of Africa’s heritage.

Our role is:

  • Facilitating the fulfilment of needs identified by communities
  • Communicating those needs to potential donors
  • Allocating and managing donor funds prudently
  • Working with community leaders and project champions
  • Accounting and reporting to our donors
  • Evaluating the short and long-term impacts of our projects

Africa Foundation makes a measurable difference in the communities we are invited into and support. The projects we facilitate are based on two simple principles – community participation and local leadership. Our view of success includes the long-term utilisation and maintenance of each structural project and the continued empowerment and growth of the community.

Founded in 1992, Africa Foundation is an independent, non-profit, tax-exempt organisation registered in South Africa, the United States and the United Kingdom. 

Please note that if you are within the USA or UK it may be more beneficial for you to donate via Africa Foundation (USA) or Africa Foundation (UK) for tax and gift aid purposes - donations through this portal will be received directly to Africa Foundation based in South Africa.



Thank you for your interest and support!