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 ‘ABSTAIN’ does not merely reflect our call for greater sexual responsibility. It is an acronym that captures the broad strokes of our concerns and goals, and so it will form a part of our communication strategy. It stands for the following:

A: Abstain from World Pain

Even innocent pleasures can have devastating consequences. Simply by abstaining from promiscuity and prostitution, you can help fight human trafficking.

B: Be Aware

The exploitation and enslavement of women and children are rife in South Africa. The 2010 FIFA World Cup is bringing in an estimated 500,000 tourists, thus increasing the demand upon the sex industry. A high rate of poverty in South Africa means that the poor are easily exploited.

S: Sexual Consumerism

Paying for sex in South Africa means funding human trafficking, child prostitution, and sex slavery. Many women and children are taken and made into ‘sex workers’ against their will, and without the means to find help, and South Africa lacks the resources to effectively police this industry. Indulging in any paid sex creates a market for sex slavery. Prostitution is never ‘just sex’.

T: Trafficking

Human Trafficking is a lucrative business, (7-10 billion US dollars annually), and involves the sale of people into slave-like labour, prostitution, forced marriage, and even the sale of their body parts. Consider the following findings:

·         It is estimated that 27 million people in the world today are slaves. Most trafficked victims are girls between 5-15 years of age.

·         The 2010 World Cup provides opportunities for traffickers. For example, fake agents are recruiting young boys, promising them soccer camps, training or scouting, and then selling them for sex and labour.                

·         The cost for rehabilitation of the victims of human trafficking is expensive and has life-long effects.

·         South does not fully comply with the minimum standards of the US Trafficking Victims Protection Act.


AIDS is connected to the sex industry, putting both the users and the victims of the industry at risk. South Africa is world’s largest population of people living with HIV (5.7 million), accounting for an estimated 1000 deaths in the country daily in 2008. Almost 1 in 3 women aged 25-29 are currently living with HIV.

I: Involves everyone

A country is not free while its most vulnerable citizens are taken as slaves. We all have a duty to abstain from sexual consumerism, to encourage faithfulness and responsibility, and to protect the defenceless.

N: Now what?

Commit to abstain as a declaration against:

·         Sexual Promiscuity

·         Exploitation in the Sex Industry, Including Prostitution, Pedophilia, and Rape

·         Human Trafficking

·         HIV/AIDS 

Commit to keeping sexual intimacy within the bond of marriage, or at least to remaining exclusive to your partner. Embrace nation-building values such as faithfulness and commitment to the good of others.

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