1. Jeffrey Parker

    10 May


    "Go with God ... And for His Glory!"

  2. bret boulware

    30 April

  3. David Miller

    26 April

  4. Charles Arndt

    25 April

  5. David Gresham

    25 April


    "Happy to help, Jonathan. It will be a bit different from the summers at Eagle Lake, but use this time and your connections with people to expand your horizons and radiate the love of Christ."

  6. Scott Blount

    24 April


    "Johnny - I enjoyed spending time with you during the Spain trip. Charlie has only shared positive things about you as a Furman GK but more importantly as a young man. The Furman GKs need to support one another! Plus, coaching has impacted me so positiv"

  7. Paul Leinweber

    20 April


    "Get your plane ticket"

  8. Jennifer Thompson

    18 April


    "We are so glad about what you are doing! You are awesome and we will support, encourage and pray for you along the way! This will be a wonderful use of your amazing talents! "

  9. Paul Leinweber

    17 April


    "May God bless you and keep you."

  10. Don and Gail Harrison

    15 April


    "Jonathan, thanks for informing us of your commitment to this organization and the wonderful work they are doing across the world in helping others"

  11. Jerin Raj

    14 April

  12. June Smith

    10 April


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