1. Anonymous donation

    1 November

  2. Miguel De Rivero

    1 November

  3. elvira de rivero

    16 October

  4. Anonymous donation

    16 October

  5. elvira de rivero

    21 August


    "Great cause William, good luck with your project."

  6. William Julien

    16 August

  7. William Julien

    30 December 2017

  8. Anonymous donation

    4 October 2017

  9. Judith Smith

    26 September 2017


    "Proud of you William for initiating this important support for Africa"

  10. Sarah Matthews

    25 August 2017


    "William, It was so great to share our African adventure with you and your lovely family. Your video is outstanding and I can't thank you enough for creating it so that we can relive the experience of all that we saw. Thank you also for this fundraising "

  11. Elinor Lewis

    24 August 2017


    "Your video touched my heart, my favorite part was you mingling with the children. I could truly tell how much you love them. "

  12. Leonor Garnica

    18 August 2017


    "Felicidades por esa linda obra ojala todo el mundo tenga ese corazon tan lindo como el tuyo, espero que esta pequena donacion ayude en algo a esos ninos, que Dios los bendiga."

  13. Anonymous donation

    11 August 2017


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William Julien

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US

Student, international fencer, videographer, violinist, and world traveler. Wants to make a difference by helping people, communities and nature.

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