I like running in swimming trunks for a good cause!

Running for a cause all began, says Willem, when “In 2014, my wife dared my running partner and I to run a marathon in SA Flag swimming trunks. She was joking, but soon realized that we were not. We drew a lot of attention and had such a laugh that we decided to keep running in swimming trunks for a good cause – the Love your Nuts Foundation.

A few days after the 2017 Cape Town Marathon a young man saw photos of us on social media. He went to the website, watched the videos, felt a lump, saw his doctor, and got early detection and treatment.

A guy's life saved by a photo on Facebook - this is reason enough to raise awareness and funds for this worthy cause!

BTW in March 2018 I will run the Barcelona Marathon - again in the #loveyournuts speedo

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Comrades Marathon 2018

Comrades Marathon 2018

The Ultimate Human Race is the world's oldest and largest ultramarathon.

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Love Your Nuts Foundation

Running your nuts off for awareness

Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, Western Cape