Whispers of the Wild Dogs

Help conserve Africa's most endangered carnivore!

Whispers of the wild aims to create wildlife lovers by spreading knowledge about wildlife. By telling nature’s stories, and answering your unanswered questions, we hope to spread a love of African wildlife to a wider audience than ever before.

Through this love and knowledge, we hope to inspire in people a desire to conserve Africa’s wildlife and wild places. However, Whispers of the Wild does not have the capability to provide that conservation action, which is why we established a partnership with the Endangered Wildlife Trust. This highly respected conservation organisation has over 40 years of experience, and has a proven track record of delivering effective and efficient on-the-ground conservation actions. The EWT is dedicated to conserving threatened species and ecosystems in Southern Africa to the benefit of all people.

Whispers of the Wild empowers you, the wildlife lover, to put your love to good use. By donating to the EWT, you know that your money will be used effectively, and will be used to conserve one of Africa's most unique and amazing animals.

Whispers of the Wild covers the knowledge, the EWT covers the conservation, it’s up to you to bring the love. Because if wildlife lovers don’t do it, who will?

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a project by


Samir Randera-Rees

Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA

Samir is the creator of Whispers of the Wild, and is a presenter on 50/50, a wildlife TV show. He has a passion for exposing people to nature.

in support of

Endangered Wildlife Trust

Save our Wild Dogs

Modderfontein, Lethabong, Gauteng