I love a challenge, but this might be pushing it:

I've never run a marathon before (and frankly, barely ran before this) but in June I'll be running alongside 5,000 Ugandans on the Equator.

I'll be running the full 26.2 miles along dirt trails, at a 1,200m high elevation, and in 30-degree heat under the African sun; AND it includes twice going up a steep hill nicknamed 'The Beast'... wish me luck!

I've always hated long distance running - it's tedious, time-consuming, painful (and I wasn't any good at it...) 

But hearing how the marathon supports grassroots projects lead by local organisations, and the massive impact that they are having, inspired me to sign up.

100% of the funds raised on this page will go towards building a 24/7 neonatal care unit at Villa Maria hospital in Masaka, the biggest in the entire region - a cause which will quite literally save hundreds of lives.Your donation is hugely appreciated!

Thanks so much for your support - and I'll see you on the other side


The Uganda Marathon 2019

The Uganda Marathon 2019

The Uganda Marathon is a non-profit challenge on the Equator. Designed in partnership with local communities, the heroes that take part every year raise vital funds to support sustainable and impactful projects across Uganda. From poverty, to HIV, education and human rights - your fundraising will empower Ugandans to direct their own futures.

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