16 year old & Testicular Cancer - imagine this is your son!

I was a teacher when I had testicular cancer 1995. Since then I explained the risk of testicular cancer every year in class to make the boys aware. Jan, a former student of mine invited me for coffee in 2006 just to say thank you. He said to me: “… because you made us aware I went to the doctor in time. I've got testicular cancer too. I'm 16 and you saved my life.” Imagine this is your son! I realised by just talking balls I'm saving lives!

This is the reason I've started the Love Your Nuts Foundation.

With the money raised educational goodie bags will be bought and distributed to high school students. It’s a humorous way to reach the community through their connection to a school. One goodie bag cost R 200 and is likely to reach more than 7 people. This means for less than R 30 per person a life can be saved. Imagine this is your son!

Any amount is welcome and can make a difference in someone else’s life!

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Sanlam Cape Town Marathon / Peace Run 2018

Sanlam Cape Town Marathon / Peace Run 2018

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Torsten Koehler

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I'm a testicular cancer survivor, author of the book "Love your Nuts - Testicular cancer touched my life" & founder of the Love your Nuts Foundation

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Love Your Nuts Foundation

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