4,000km on a bike, are you mad? (Part 1 - big cats)

Most of us racing across Europe on #TCRNo5 are privateers – funded from our own pockets. But not being sponsored does not mean that no funding can be raised. And for me, there are a couple of local causes which I’m passionate about and have chosen to raise funds and awareness for. Part 1 is about animals, big cats specifically, and a great local sanctuary in Stanford (if people are more your thing, checkout my Part 2 project).

I learned about Panthera Africa through cycling a friend Kim whilst out on a club ride. One visit to their web page and I was hooked. We all know cats love playing with boxes right – but who’d have imagined massive, full grown lions do too? They just like much, much bigger ones! I couldn’t resist sponsoring one of their Toys for Big Cats boxes as a gift for my sister. Plus another contribution for my cousin Bron towards the new enclosure they were building for two of their rescued lionesses (Elsa and Lei-ah!). The work these guys are doing is inspiring, and I’m looking forward to being a part of helping them do more.



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Look out for a guy pedalling an unusual looking, somewhat overloaded bike down the R44 at all hours of the day and night. It might be me!

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