I’m Carina Bruwer – South African musician, business owner, swimmer, mother of three, and founder of Swim For Hope.

My next Swim For Hope is planned for mid-September, when I will be attempting a swim of +- 22km from Nice (France) to Ventimiglia (Italy), via Monaco! It should be the first time this route is swim according to English Channel swimming rules, and I think it’s quite an exciting “3 countries” swim! I have not done an ultra-distance like this since my little son was born 2 years ago, so it might be challenging in more ways than one, but I am absolutely AMPED for this swim, because I am doing it in support of Muzukidz, an amazing organization through which children from the township in South Africa are given the opportunity to learn to play the violin! Muzukidz is the brainchild of Maria Botha, who studied and worked in France for many years, so the synergy with this “Three countries” swim is interesting, and we are hoping to get as much support as possible from individuals in Europe but also from across the world, by spreading the message about the phenomenal work Muzukidz does.

I believe that giving a child the opportunity to learn a musical instrument goes way beyond the ability to make music or the possibility of being a musician one day. Music stimulates the brain in a very special way; in fact studies have shown that children who do 14 months of musical training displayed more powerful structural and functional brain changes. Imagine what this can do for a young child who comes from a poor background and who has limited opportunities and a limited support structure. I am convinced that organisations like Muzukidz are helping to mould our future leaders, inventors and change makers.

So, through this Swim For Hope for Muzukidz, we would like to raise awareness about the organisation and the amazing potential that is here in South Africa’s youth. And we would like to raise funds in order to grow Muzukidz, to give more children the opportunity to learn the violin and to have a more positive, more hopeful tomorrow.

If you are inspired, as I am, please consider donating towards Muzukidz.  Each and every Rand raised will go towards creating more opportunities and reaching more children...

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Professional South African musician, marathon swimmer, business owner and mother of three

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