I'm Running To Raise Money For Phoenix's Cause

Phoenix rises to the challenge:

Your stomach would have clenched in sympathy if you’d seen Phoenix the day he was brought to the SPCA.

He’d been shot in the head during a violent exchange between rival gang members. Even though he was severely injured and in a lot of pain, somehow he was still clinging onto life.

He was rushed to the animal hospital for emergency treatment. And much to everyone’s surprise, this courageous dog not only survived – he turned out to be a gentle and trusting soul, despite his ordeal.

Sadly, some damage could not be repaired. Phoenix was left with a small but distinct tilt to his head. And, more seriously, he became completely deaf as a result of his injury.

With hundreds of perfectly fit and healthy puppies and dogs to choose from in the SPCA's adoption kennels, they knew it would be a challenge to re-home this special dog. But because of the people who support the SPCA they refused to give up on him.

And finally, over a year later, they found the right family for him – complete with two furry siblings!

You may wonder what role someone like you may have played in helping to make this happy ending possible . . .

. . . the truth is that without support the SPCA couldn’t have provided the veterinary treatment that saved Phoenix’s life – or the ongoing extended care and all the food he needed during the long time he spent here. Phoenix is only one of around 1 250 dogs and cats they save every month.

Remember giving is not just about making a donation it is about making a difference


2018 Old Mutual Two Oceans Ultra Marathon

2018 Old Mutual Two Oceans Ultra Marathon

Easter Saturday, 20 April 2019. The 50th consecutive Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon will remain on the traditional route via Chapman's Peak, Hout Bay and Constantia Nek.

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Cape of Good Hope SPCA

Team SPCA - Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon 2018

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