Support underprivileged babies and children with cancer.

For the last 9 years, I have been riding the 94.7 cycle challenge in a full cow suit to save the lives and support underprivileged babies and children with cancer.   I do so in the memory of Jess Bain who died at 20 months old, Michael Goodburn (14y) and to continue to support Kerrin and Grant Bain and their daughter Georgia(8y) who is recovering from treatment from a brain tumor.

CHOC saves and supports the lives of babies and children with cancer and their families by aiding in early detection and treatment of childhood cancer. They also support the families by providing care facilities whilst their children are undergoing treatment whilst away from home. CHOC truly makes a difference! This is a chance for you to do the same. Don't miss it!


Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge 2018

Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge 2018

Sunday 18 November 2018 - Riversands Commercial Park. Join us for a ride around one of South Africa's most iconic cities. To create your fundraising project for your favourite charity, click on "Start fundraising"!

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This is the 9th year that I will be riding the 94.7 cycle race dressed in a full cow outfit.

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