Put Footing for shoes!

We are unashamedly appealing for donations for school shoes from our friends, family and colleagues :-). 19 days, 9000 km, 6 countries. The Put Foot Rally 2018!

Yes, it's going to be a fabulous trip, the experience of a lifetime (assuming we still talk to one another after being in the same car for so long :-p) and we're aiming to come back and bore everyone with stories for a while, starting with "Well, on the Put Foot Rally, it was actually better, because..."

This being said, the fundraising goes for a great cause - school shoes for kids in Southern Africa who are walking barefoot to school, and at the same time supporting the conservation of endangered species: rhino, lion, elephant and leopard. Pretty cool, hey?

Whether it is R100 bucks or R500, it all helps us to make a difference for our fellow Africans (and animals!). Buy you a beer?

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2018 Put Foot Rally

2018 Put Foot Rally

Crews are raising funds for 1000 brand new school shoes for young underprivileged learners across Southern Africa, providing them with Hope, Pride and Dignity, the foundations for a bright and positive future!

a project by


Jannie Smith

Stellenbosch, Western Cape, ZA

Live and let live!

in support of

The Put Foot Foundation

2018 Put Foot Rally

Cape Town, Western Cape