Hear the cry of hunger

Almost 50% (roughly 5 million people) of the South Sudanese population face starvation due to political instability and drought. Aid has helped alleviate the problem but the situation remains desperate.

Many of us, especially in the Western world, take the availability of food for granted. The infrastructure for farming, distribution, and retail of food produce is well established. This is not the case for South Sudan. In addition, the population lives below the poverty line meaning that they do not have the means to make regular purchases of food and therefore they depend largely on aid and donations.

I myself, am privileged in that I have never had to face the horror of starvation. In my appreciation of that, I would like to build a community of givers that individually would make small contributions but as a whole could make a significant difference.

All donations will be in support of UNICEF, a well-established charitable organisation who has a program in support of this cause.

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Famine hits parts of South Sudan. Donate now!

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