SCORE Namibia sport programs for kids & youth

Why am I fundraising CAD 10,000 for SCORE NAM-VIP?

I could say it’s because…

· They give children the opportunity to learn, play and compete in sports who otherwise wouldn’t get the chance

· They provide practical skills training for Namibian youth, of whom only 12% have finished secondary school and 24% have not completed primary school

· They provide life skills and health education so youth can make healthy decisions in a country where 13.5 % of Namibians are infected with HIV

But the real reason is because my friends and former colleagues, Raymond, Hulda, Jerry and Isa, asked me to. They asked me to help them expand the sports training and leagues available for children and provide more educational and cultural opportunities. I can't say no to that, especially when I believe in what they’re doing and have seen the positive effects of their work firsthand.

10 years ago I went to volunteer with SCORE and ended up staying 4 years working in Namibia and South Africa with SCORE’s community and school sport for development programs – organizing sport activities and festivals with local youth volunteers, teachers and community members, and doing training workshops in sport administration, leadership, HIV/AIDS prevention and cultural exchange.

I met a lot of inspiring people in Namibia and South Africa working hard to improve their communities and the opportunities available for children and youth to grow up happy and healthy and able to lead their communities in future. There is a lot of demand from community leaders and youth for SCORE to expand their sport activities and set up programs in new communities, they just need a bit of help getting started.

Even though I’m no longer working for SCORE in Nam/SA, I still support the teams of staff and volunteers in their aim of improving sport, education and healthy living in their communities and countries. In solidarity with my SCORE friends, I’m raising funds that will help them do this.

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Former SCORE volunteer/staff supporting SCORE communities giving their children & youth opportunities to play and lead healthy lives.

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