As an ethnic minority and a woman, I have always been an advocate for any type of change that will ensure the development of awareness to equality. Through Coaches Across Continents, a global leader for social impact, I intend to focus on local issues in developing countries such as: female empowerment (and gender equity), conflict prevention, health and wellness (with a focus on HIV/AIDS behavior change), child rights, vital life skills, etc. through the cherished game of soccer.

Local communities partner for 3 years with CAC in which the utilization of soccer drills, concepts, and games alongside CAC's off-the-field resources are implemented in various programs to allow for the introduction and development of topics relation to cultural, traditional, and social norms to ultimately drive policy change.

Part of this 3 year program allows Global Citizens, such as myself, to engage in a week of on-the-field training (e.g. field development via youth programs) for the local leaders and coaches in the area to continue the growth of the program after CAC leaves.

I will be raising funds in a various of different ways, including: social media, active-based giving, challenge-based giving, and activity-based giving. I hope to raise awareness to these various issues, not only to my peers, but to younger and older generations. Regardless of one's age, we can all be advocates for positive social change.

Your investment / donation to support myself and this program is, simply put, to make a difference.

To further introduce you to the concept and goals of CAC, I have provided you with a few of my favorite (brief) videos.

First, is a video pertaining to female empowerment. This happens to be my favorite CAC video simply because it is so incredibly relevant and important. It is our duty to make it possible for women to engage in activities as an equal to men.

The second video is one that pertains to conflict resolution. Here, it is addressed that we are all equal and the importance of using our voice. No matter what our backgrounds are, no matter the qualities that may or may not limit us, we must work together.

Third, is a video titled Smile. This is the video that absolutely sold me. I knew I wanted to bring this type of change and joy to the people around me. It is heartwarming seeing how we can positively impact these people's lives.

The time that I have dedicated to the sport of soccer has contributed so much to who I am today. From helping me gain self-confidence, to developing leadership and decision-making skills, experiencing teamwork, sportsmanship, and the ability to see a team's chemistry grow. It has all been so incredibly rewarding.

Through sport, I want to help those whom are less fortunate. I want to be an advocate for positive change within these lives. I want to be able to help the women and girls feel empowered. I want to help the men and boys to understand that equality and unity is important. I want to help them improve their basic rights. I want to help them gain more knowledge on prevalent issues, such as health and wellness, conflict resolution and prevention, etc.

I want to make a difference.

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