Instead of Bday pressies rather save a life!

The average age at diagnosis of testicular cancer is at about 33. It's the most common cancer in the age groups 15 to 38.

I am turning 33 and I didn’t know that is the average age of Testicular cancer patients! It is only recently that i learned a lot more about cancer (in general) & how difficult it is to fight , especially without the right funds.

I am from a humongous family, where many had cancer, some even passed away from cancer - not having funds to fight it.
Instead of a Birthday party & presents I would like you to donate to this worthy cause.

Think of this as not giving money or saving a life but rather as Giving the gift of Life to someone who deserves it.

I would like to make everyone Aware, please help me and share?

Lots of Love

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Join the fantesticle Nuts Team and save a child’s life!

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