Pete's Pirates Put Foot Rally 2019

"It is only when you step on a pile of lego blocks without a pair of shoes on that you realise how important a pair of shoes can be"- Albert Roux inspired by confucius.

We are raising money to help the put foot foundation buy shoes for underprivileged children in Africa who can't afford to buy shoes.

Please help us and donate to this worthy cause and help us change as many little children's lives as we can.

Thank you so much for your donation!



2019 Put Foot Rally

2019 Put Foot Rally

Crews are raising funds for 1000 brand new school shoes for young underprivileged learners across Southern Africa, providing them with Hope, Pride and Dignity, the foundations for a bright and positive future!

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The Put Foot Foundation

2019 Put Foot Rally

Cape Town, Western Cape