We recently set up a food security project in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya. 
It was quite a challenge delivering equipment and a water tank to the camp, but that was nothing compared to the next challenge - building soil out of sand!

We are recycling manure, cardboard and organic matter with the aim of building soil while also digging (by hand) diversion trenches to control water when it rains. We are also recycling plastic bottles for irrigation.

We currently have around 40 adults and 20 children involved and some have already indicated that they would like to one day get their PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate). 

After the success of our first garden plot (we have had 2 harvests in 2 months, and for some children it was the first time they had eaten fresh produce), we are now looking to expand the project and start greening Kakuma Refugee Camp.

Our hope is that by giving people some simple tools and knowledge and a bit of a kickstart they will not only become self-sufficient food-wise, but will also have the opportunity to set up their own small businesses selling and trading their surplus.

Our biggest issue currently is water. Our members are having to walk multiple 4km return trips to the closest spring to fetch water - it is 37-40'c each day. We have been filling our watertank by hand.
Please help us bring hope and independence to some of the most vulnerable people on the planet. Thank-you.

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