Bicycles Change Lives-bikey fundraiser for students in need

Qhubeka provides bikes as transport for people and communities in need in Africa. Students who live far from school cannot make the journey each day without a reliable bike. Nurses use the bike to visit multiple villages and give care to people in need. Small business people grow sustainable businesses by travelling to customers and communities in need.

The bike is the most reliable transportation to get people from their homes to places where they learn, treat others, and bring goods and services across distances. Bikes may save 75% of commute time allowing students who previously could not attend school can do so with a Qhubeka bike.

Qhubeka has developed a qualify bike that can be built, delivered, and maintained as a minimum cost. These bikes are donated based on an application process and demonstrated need. Communities with limited transport have restricted options, but bicycles are tools of change.

When I was a boy, my bike meant freedom to get where I needed to go. I rode to school and to sports. My parents could not always drive me, and walking took too long. Qhubeka's clients have similar mobility needs - they need to cover longer distances and the bicycles help same time and get them further.

Please consider a donation to change the lives of a student, nurse or another person in need.


Deloitte Chicago making an #ImpactThatMatters 2018

Deloitte Chicago making an #ImpactThatMatters 2018

Deloitte is a proud partner of Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka. Make an #ImpactThatMatters & join us in supporting Qhubeka to change lives with bikes. To start, click on "Start fundraising" to create your own fundraising project!

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Deloitte Chicago making an #ImpactThatMatters 2018

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