Raising funds to Empower talented young female athletes

My dream has always been to inspire and to make a difference. Sport has given me the opportunity to defeat my health problem, to get free education, provide for my family and much more. I would like to give back to the sport, so I chose to support the Endurocad campaign "Getting our Girls to Gold" as the development of young woman in the sport is a cause very close to my heart and one which I believe is worth investing in. I believe that South African Athletes have the potential to achieve on the World Stage. Our girls need support structure in place to help them get to the top, one which will provide them with knowledge, skills and resources to be the best. Many of the athletes that Endurocad supports come from impoverished backgrounds and cannot even afford the necessities like proper nutrition.

I aim to raise R12000 in the 2 months leading up to the 2018 Sanlam Cape Town Marathon.  Your donation no matter how small will go a long way to making these young girls dreams come true.

Together, we can help Endurocad achieve their goal of empowering our young girls and getting them to Gold.



Sanlam Cape Town Marathon / Peace Run 2018

Sanlam Cape Town Marathon / Peace Run 2018

Whether you are taking part in the 42km Marathon or doing a Peace Run, you are invited to "run for charity" in the 2018 event. Click on "Start fundraising" to create your personal fundraising project for your favourite charity!

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2019 Two Oceans Marathon- Going for Gold

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