Helping People Move With Their Own Power

In my Ethics Class we were asked to do an Ethical analysis about an issue in todays world. I chose do do mine about wether or not green alternatives should be used in Public Transit. The second part of out project was to help out with a philanthropist/justice cause. Just a few years ago I remember watching the TDF and hearing about Qhubeka. When my teacher gave us the assignment I knew what I wanted to to. So please don't think about my Ethics grade, that is measured by how well I do my presentation, not how much I raise. Think about the others that you are helping, think about those that cant easily get from A to B and how a small donation can make a big difference. Thank You

a project by

Nico Capala

Hudson, New York, US

Im looking to make a difference in how accessible transport is. With your help we can raise money and help Qhubeka donate bikes to those in need.

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