to imagine a world without CANCER

Time passes so swiftly. Minutes to hours, days to months and before you take it all in…it’s been years.

Six years ago, I lost a beautiful friend, someone I treated & loved as my very own sister. A light hearted soul, full of joy and positive energy.

We laughed ourselves silly during the precious time we spent together, taking life day by day. Even though there were many moments of pain & heartache, wonderful memories were created…And a Promise made!

She said: “When I’m better, we will shave off our hair together.”

And I said: “Of course we will!”

It didn’t go according to plan because my soldier is no longer with us. But the time has come for me to fulfill my Promise.

Please support me in raising funds for CANSA as we rock Shavathon 2018!!!... Let’s do it for our soldiers who bravely face their challenges with smiles on their faces.


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a project by

Sam Chigumbura

Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, ZA

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CANSA Shavathon

Shavathon 2018 - Become an Online Fundraising Champion

Johannesburg, Gauteng