I appeal to your kindness in helping out some of the most eager little learners I have come across.  These are the children of Nyarusizi Village and the larger Bisate Community in the remote countryside of Northern Rwanda.

Some of the children in this community have access to education either through a government school or kindly provided by charitable institutions. Others are still waiting for their opportunity.  Regardless of their current standing, they are all highly motivated and keen to LEARN. I have witnessed this personally and admire the kids’ persistence.  They quickly clutch on to books or any study material available.  However, one of the major hurdles to their progress with reading and studying at home is the absence of a sustainable source of lighting.    

The children and their families live in huts constructed out of dark volcanic mud and rock.  Windows are mostly makeshift openings in the wall to let in only a crack of light. Even the better structured windows afforded by some of the families often have to be shut for safety and privacy. It is pitch dark inside the huts, even by day.  And at night, it is exponentially more difficult for the families to function.

Their current sources of light are paraffin candles or kerosene lamps.  These are not only inefficient and scarce; but also pose health and safety concerns in the home.  Their remote location deems them off the grid for electrification.  Infrastructure will take time to catch up (if at all).  However, these children’s enthusiasm and desire to learn must not dim for lack of light.  We can all help in such a simple and sustainable way.

Through your kind donations, it is my hope to raise enough funds to afford at least 2 Waka Waka* Solar Rechargeable LED Light units for each of the 121 households in the community.  

This can be achieved with a minimum goal of US$3,400 raised.  Just think, a mere $28 for two Waka Waka Lights can make all the difference to one household. The more funds raised, the more solar lights per home, the more hours of learning for each child.  One cannot fully quantify how this could change their daily lives; moreover, help towards a brighter and hopeful future.

It is worth mentioning that the community resides at the foothills of Volcanoes National Park – a haven for endangered mountain gorillas.  They live peacefully alongside the gorillas and their habitat.  Conservation and wildlife protection, specially of endangered species, are important components of these children’s continuing education.

I hope you will donate to this worthy cause.  I also hope you will encourage others to do the same by passing on this message.  The community will be truly grateful for your help and kindness.   My heartfelt thanks for your time and consideration.

Children In The Wilderness:  https://www.childreninthewilde...
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