Keep Alf's memory alive

At present, Southern Ground-Hornbills are considered internationally as ‘Vulnerable’ throughout their range in Africa, but within South Africa and Namibia they have already been classified as Endangered, with their numbers outside of formally protected areas are still declining. It is even likely that the birds will soon meet the IUCN Red Data List Criteria as being ‘Critically Endangered’ in South Africa.

Alf went initially to Limpopo with University, but was offered an internship during his stay. He then went on to thrive in the busy and remote Mabula Reserve helping support the conservation efforts.

He lost his life in November 2018, far too soon and just weeks before he was due to return for Christmas. He would have wanted us to carry on his work and support the people and place he loved so much.

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Alf was passionate about Southern Ground-Hornbills and their conservation following an internship even structuring his University course around them.

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The Mabula Ground-Hornbill Project


Bela-Bela, Limpopo