Imagine not hearing a thing...

Until recently I have not given much thought to hearing disabilities, then I applied for a charity entry from the National Institute for the deaf and I had to start thinking...

The first question that popped up was: What challenges do people with hearing disabilities face?  

Well.. Imagine not hearing a thing. Imagine not being able to hear the sweet sound of music. Imagine the frustration when trying to express yourself to the world. Imagine being treated differently wherever you go. Imagine not being able to apply for that job opportunity you've been dreaming of, because they simply can't walk an extra mile to accommodate you. Imagine having a child with a hearing disability, and then imagine the costs of a special education looming in the near future. Imagine growing old and not having enough money saved up to pay for hearing aids.

People with hearing disabilities face numerous challenges daily. I will run the Two Oceans half marathon in less than 2.5 hours to raise funds for the deaf. These funds are used to help people with hearing disabilities reach their full potential. Please support my cause.


 2019 Old Mutual Two Oceans Half Marathon

2019 Old Mutual Two Oceans Half Marathon

Easter Saturday, 20 April 2019. Since 1998, runners have turned out in their numbers to enjoy the atmosphere of the Half Marathon and to support their friends running in the Ultra Marathon. To make your run even more meaningful, click on "Start fundraising" to create your personal fundraising project for charity!

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