Ibali Photo Collective

South Africa is a country of huge potential but also of immense need. The youth of South Africa reflect this dynamic; many live in challenging circumstances and don’t have the opportunity to see beyond their immediate environment. However, when given the opportunity, these same young people have great potential to succeed, to see their lives and their world in a different perspective, and to positively impact their community.

Photography is a powerful tool in assisting an individual to engage in a deeper understanding of themselves and their world. The primary purpose of Ibali, which means ‘story’ in Xhosa, is to empower young people by teaching them basic photography skills, creating a space for creative expression, and offering ongoing personal mentorship. In addition, their photography has the power to positively impact the broader community by creating awareness of social issues through the eyes of young people. Their images can start conversations that inspire these youth and their community members to bring about solutions to some of the challenges they face.

We’ll be working with boys and girls of 16 - 18 years old at Muizenberg High School and Masiphumelele High School. Both of these high schools service communities that are afflicted by numerous social challenges. The school will assist in identifying students who have some proven creative or artistic talent leading to a greater chance that the program could act as a catalyst to changing the trajectory of their lives.

Program Goals
The pilot program has the following objectives:

  • The program is designed to provide participants with usable photography skills and tangible results in the form of a portfolio and an exhibition.
  • The program will empower participants in the situation they are in and give them tools to help explore the issues they need to. The program will foster growth in the participants and provide a platform for them to develop personally.
  • The program will positively affect the participants’ communities by igniting discussion and debate, highlighting issues that need to be addressed, and encouraging relevant local organizations to get involved.

Funds Needed
We are looking for a combination of in-kind and monetary sponsorship. For the workshop to operate effectively the following equipment would be invaluable:

  • A camera for each participant (a digital point and shoot with manual over ride functions) with a memory card and a camera bag
  • Laptops and software to share between students in order to download and process images and learn basic editing skills
  • Hard drives for participants to store their images on
  • A data projector and screen for teaching and feedback sessions
  • A work book for participants to keep with notes from all the sessions
  • A budget for printing, framing and displaying final work in an exhibition
  • Administration and training budget to ensure quality teaching and the smooth running of the program

Penda Trust & Dave Fisher
This program is a collaboration between Dave Fisher, a Cape Town based photographer and educator, and Penda Trust, a nonprofit that uses photography to generate positive change on both a conservation and social level.

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Penda Trust

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At Penda Trust, we believe in the power of photography. That's why we use photography as a tool to generate positive change in Southern Africa.

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