We are a group of 5 students who will be cycling 900 kilometers as an incentive for crowd sourced funding. 


Simply put - there is a large percentage of the future health carers of our country, our peers, who are studying (and living) on bursaries. If these students don't receive financial support from home, we find that many of them are forced to pay for expenses outside of their academic needs, from the food allowances they receive from bursaries. This means that they can't sustain healthy diets (food allowances are a maximum of R50 per day), because they pay for toiletries, transport back home, data and even healthcare costs from these small food budgets.

What are we doing?

We want to unite as students in taking responsibility with our peers for universal financial liberty. We will do this through completing a symbolic cycling journey in December (and hopefully annually after this year). The journey will start at the South African border at Vioolsdrift and stretch to our campus at Tygerberg, as a symbol for how far our country has come to where it is now; that there is open opportunities for students to get degrees. But then we'll keep riding, to Cape Agulhas, as a symbol that we want to keep going forward. In fact, we want to go forward as far as we possibly can, to the most Southern tip of Africa. 

What can you do?

We appreciate all help. If you want to donate, make it fun and do it per kilometer, it is 902! (Of course, we accept all donations.) Or you can help share the word by liking and sharing our Facebook page (The Hippocampus Fund) and video. Share the word that students are taking positive action for their peers. If you want to contribute in any other way, please feel free to send us an email. (hcampus18@gmail.com)

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Hippocampus Group

Tygerberg Hospital, Cape Town, Western Cape, ZA

We believe that all students on our campus should have the financial freedom to excel, regardless of where the come from.

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