I'm running in swimwear to break taboos and stigma!

Don’t die of embarrassment!
When Willen (the other guy in the photo :-)) convince me to run in a speedo I thought: how embarrassing!
After I’ve heard that our Facebook photo above saved a friends life – embarrassment vanished. I realised that running in swimwear is awkward and funny but if it saves lives. Every step along the 42 km marathon is worth it!

With my runs I like to raise awareness of this young man’s cancer! Schools are the best place to educate the “young men” about this cancer. If you support me you actually support this worthy cause who goes to schools and teach the youngsters that early detection is lifesaving!
Saving one nut at a time!

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Comrades Marathon 2018

Comrades Marathon 2018

Sunday, 10 June 2018. The Ultimate Human Race is the world's oldest and largest ultra-marathon. Click on "Start fundraising" to create your personal fundraising project for your favourite charity!

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