CANSA Relay For Life - Richards Bay

The Cancer Association of Southern Africa (CANSA) renders a holistic service to the Cancer Patients and their families in South Africa. CANSA undertakes several projects during the year; one of which has a huge impact on cancer patients and survivors in your community, and that’s Relay For Life. Relay For Life provides communities a unique opportunity to bring cancer survivors and caregivers together for the purpose of:

- Honoring the hope they symbolize in the cancer journey,
- To share important program and service information,
- Create an opportunity for year round engagement with the CANSA. 

One of the core values of Relay For Life is the celebration of cancer survivorship and the support of caregivers throughout the cancer journey. Relay For Life honours and celebrates the hope that cancer survivors and caregivers provide to others facing cancer. A cancer diagnosis is a journey filled with many new and different experiences for patients, survivors and caregivers. Within CANSA Relay For Life events, we strive to demonstrate respect for the many ways in which everyone touched by cancer defines themselves and their experiences.

    This event is planned for the 27th October 2018. It is a fun filled event where teams register to raise funds in the fight against cancer that also promised to be a life changing event. During this overnight event, we will have teams who will show their compassion towards cancer survivors in your community by participating. The whole purpose of this event is three fold:

    1. To CELEBRATE Life with the cancer survivors of our community.
    2. To REMEMBER all the loved ones that we have lost to cancer.
    3. To raise much needed funds that we plough back into our community as part of our FIGHT BACK program.

    Cancer Survivors will be our guests of honour at this event. They will be treated as the special guests they are and pampered with gifts and goody bags. The event will also serve to be a big drive of Mission Delivery to ensure that a Healthy Lifestyle is promoted is also part of this event.

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    CANSA Relay For Life - Richards Bay

    Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal, ZA

    Cansa Relay For Life- Richards Bay is the celebration of cancer survivorship and the support of caregivers throughout the cancer journey.

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