Gav's ride for La Maison de Tara

Early in 2017 my friend Gavin was diagnosed with a brain tumour. This news was a bombshell to everyone who knew him and particularly to his family - his wife, son, daughter, brother, sister and of course his mum. He fought hard to beat the cancer but sadly his fight was to no avail and his last weeks with us were spent at La Maison de Tara. Here he was looked after by the wonderful staff and volunteers of the hospice, who helped him and his family through this last stage in his journey through life.

The purpose of our cycle ride around the lake is to raise as much money as possible to allow La Maison de Tara to continue their
wonderful work. Our ride will be in Gav's memory and will
take place on Sunday, May 27th 2018. It is being undertaken by both friends and family with the idea of making it into a memorable occasion for all. So please help by simply clicking the 'donation' button on this page and making your contribution. If you could also send the link to this page to your own friends and family to give them the opportunity of making their own contribution that would be fantastic!

Help us to raise as much as possible for the vital work carried out by La Maison de Tara.

Gav is on the right of the photograph, supervising the barbecue!

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