Our mission is to offset the carbon emissions produced by cars that we, Cars.co.za, have a hand in indirectly putting on the road, to protect our environment and give back what we have taken out.

We have taken the first step and commit to 1% of our annual turnover being invested in this purpose by planting trees.

You can join our mission and offset your own carbon footprint.

Check out our Carbon Calculator on our CSR site to work out your carbon emission footprint and determine how many trees are needed to offset your car's carbon footprint: www.about.cars.co.za/csr

Each donation (R120 per tree) will go to Greenpop and be put toward trees to be planted in the Cars.co.za section of the Platbos Forest in the Western Cape. These donations are tax deductible and you will receive a shoutout for your contribution.

Let's change the world together - plant a tree today to help offset your carbon emission footprint.

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Drive For Trees

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Greenpop Foundation

Greenpop - Ecosystem Protection & Restoration Fund

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