#DoYourPart and mobilize children in South Africa

Imagine walking more than two hours to school or work every day, rain or shine. That's the fate of millions of South African school children and their families. Qhubeka provides bicycles to these communities, increasing the distance people can travel, what they can carry, where they can go and how fast they can get there.


BreakAway Rides is doing their part to mobilize learners in South Africa and we encourage you to do yours.

  • Frame: R350
  • Back Wheel: R300
  • Front Wheel: R300
  • Handlebar set: R260
  • Fork: R240
  • Carry Rack: R225
  • Helmet: R195
  • Stand: R180
  • Rear Mudguard: R160
  • Front Mudguard: R140
  • Pump: R120
  • Seat: R100
  • Right Crank and Cog: R70
  • Left Crank: R50
  • Chainguard: R40
  • Lock: R35
  • Pedal Set: R30
  • Chain: R25
  • Tool: R20
  • Tyre Lever: R12
  • Reflector Set: R10
  • Complete bike: R2850

Pick the part you want to buy and then press the donate button. We are aiming for 10 buffalo bicycles.

You can do it! Do it now!

Katja & Kate

P.S. Read on about Qhubeka's amazing work: http://qhubeka.org/to create awareness, and encourage you to do your part by contributing to the amazing Buffalo bike

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It's all about living life to the fullest. Mountain biking is my passion and best shared with my friends and clients at BreakAway Rides.

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