Cooking for Kindness- More than just a meal

This is is a project that I feel strongly about. I love cooking, I love the artistry of food and the ability to experiment with ingredients but above all else food should make you feel alive. It should make you feel comfortable, at home, nourish you and give you the ability to think clearly.

For a while now I have wanted to use my skills to help individuals who don't have the luxury of regular meals. More so I want to try and give migrants a little sense of security when the rest of their life is so transient.

I know I am not going to save the world but with your help and donations if I can just make a few people smile everyday because they are enjoying a meal then I think a difference will be felt.

Your donations will go towards buying the food which FoodKind tries hard to buy from local producers in order to support the economy. It will also go towards gas to cook on, transportation costs to deliver the food as well as some kitchen equipment.

For more information about this young but keen organisation check out

More than just a meal.

Thank you!

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Private chef freelancing in Malta, catering for small dinner parties, work events and one off occasions. Always trying to put food to good use!

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