Climbing for Qhubeka 4: To one Rock and then up another

I believe that Qhubeka Bicycles Change Lives.

I have seen them in action, giving people access to schools, to jobs and to health care. I have seen the smiles and hope that they give to people and I have heard people's stories of how their life improved daily once they were received.

This year I hope to play my part in the Qhubeka cause once again. To do so I will ride my bicycle self supported from Albany, Australia to Ayer's Rock covering over 3,000kms in two weeks. I will then return to South Africa and climb the beautiful Paarl Rock mountain until I have gained 8,848m of elevation - as high as Mount Everest. I hope to raise 25 bicycles in this way, through the kindness of others, to enable 25 families to find a better future through the Power of Bicycles and I look forward to the Cycling Community joining in for this fun, but more on that via

This will all be done to aid the Climbing for Qhubeka cause, the end goal of which is to raise 100 Bicycles to create change in the lives of 100s more.

Bicycles Change Lives, they changed mine and they can change many more with your help. Let's make a difference.

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Kevin Benkenstein

Stellenbosch, Western Cape, ZA

A Cyclist trying to make a small difference

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Qhubeka Charity

Climbing for Qhubeka

Johannesburg, Gauteng