Climbing for Qhubeka 3: 3 Cities in 3 weeks for 30 bikes

First it was Everesting, then it was a 10,000m day, this time it will be a little more. To earn your support once again I need to show that I am willing to push the limits a little further and push my limits I will, with your support and with some 'crew' by my side.

For 3 weekends in September I will take on climbs around South Africa (JHB, CT and Durban) and climb them repeatedly until I have climbed the height of Mount Everest - 8,848m. 26,000m plus in just three days of riding. I will not do this alone, I will be joined by friends and supporters in each city as a sign that together we can achieve more.

Whether it is for a few repeats or for a Morning Mile (1,600m of climbing) these rides will be open to be joined by anyone. Each 'crew' member that joins for a Morning Mile will earn a small donation towards Qhubeka from me too, I will put my money where my mouth is.

I hope to raise 30 bikes in this way, through the kindness of others, to enable 30 families to find a better future through the Power of Bicycles and I look forward to the SA Cycling Community joining in for this fun.

Bicycles Change Lives, they changed mine and they can change many more with your help. Let's make a difference.

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Kevin Benkenstein

Stellenbosch, Western Cape, ZA

A Cyclist trying to make a small difference

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