Climate change is real! Let's ACTUALLY ACT NOW!!!

All of us love to run; we want to run!! Running is an expression of freedom. Runners and cyclists are simply amazing because they do not stop. AT ALL. It is difficult to start something new, to take an initiative. Initiatives are essential for progress. If everyone is satisfied with what they have, if everyone is content with what they have achieved no-one would break the norm because they have the vision to see and the ability to create a new future. Of course, there are going to be a million challenges and hurdles on the track, but one must face them and persevere through even the most extreme times to come out stronger and with one heck of a story to tell. This is a new journey on which we shall embark together, because with you, this does not- IT CANNOT- exist.

We are more distant from nature than ever, and we must do the right thing, take the right action, before it is too late. Climate change is real. The average temperatures have been increasing and non stop rate. You have to be foolish or ignorant to not take these statistics seriously. Enough talk, let's run to bring back the harmony and balance that no one, but us, had disrupted.

Some of us have lived a privileged life, and I do include Myself in that. I believe it our moral duty to return the favour that is bestowed upon us. Therefore, I believe that is is about time we act. So, in the spirit of running and cycling and bringing about a tangible, positive change in society, I am have begun this mission.

For every $10 donated I will either run or cycle! The following conversions will express the same.

$10 = 1 point

When I run, 1 km running,1 point is redeemed,


When I cycle, 3 km cycling, 1 point is redeemed,

All the activities will be recorded and uploaded on Strava. The activities will also be uploaded on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. So, here is this cool thing I am doing, called running, and simultaneously, we can make a big tangible positive change in our environment.

a project by

Jainam Jain

Mumbai, Maharashtra, IN

in support of


WWF South Africa Climate Change

Cape Town, Western Cape