Cairo to Cape Town

Over the next four months, I will be cycling from the top to the bottom of Africa with a TDA Global Cycling group. I will be traveling through ten African countries, covering an average of 120 km per day. The intention behind embarking on this project was not to raise funds. This ride is something I wanted to do in order to travel a long distance over a long period of time, moving incremental distances every day. In my experience trading in high-speed planes, cars, or trains, and choosing to travel by bike or by foot, dramatically changes the way you experience a place. When you move slower, you see more, and know the landscape you are in better. It is for this reason, that I think bikes must be one of best means of transport around. They are not only good for crossing continents - there are far more efficient ways to travel long distances, I can assure you; bikes get people places on a daily basis, and they do so in an engaging and sustainable way.

Since its founding in 2005, the Qhubeka team has distributed over 250, 000 of their buffalo bicycles throughout South Africa. Their philosophy aligns closely with my own reasons for wanting to ride from Cairo to Cape Town. I think Qhubeka is a doing great things by getting more people on bikes. If you feel the same, and would like to support their continued efforts to "move people forward" through cycling, please donate. For more information on Qhubeka and the work they do, you can visit

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