Challenges for a better life

As I head into year 6 as a part of the cows, I have pulled and assisted with 5 ICB's through year 1 - 5, year 6 may be no different, so in doing so, I alongside my now Other FAMILY, I would like to ask you, my loyal friends and family, to help assist The Cows once again and generously donating towards this cause, no matter how big or small, all FUNds raised will be utilised correctly and filtered into the correct channels at Choc.

We as the Cows have since inception raised over R30 Bar, however it is you as the donor that has made that possible, we would like to continue doing so by competing in events, having FUNdraising events and harrassing you for the much needed FUNds required to maintain and keep things running at Choc.

I trust that you will find it in your means to help the Kids at Choc, so they can achieve living a life like you and me one day, #Cancer #Free.

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