We are contributing to reforesting the Garden Route!

Brew Kombucha is stoked to partner with Greenpop once again. Over the past few years, we have collaborated in various ways with a shared vision for a world where people and the natural environment thrive together.

As a response to the extreme wildfires in the Eden region last year, with a devastating impact on communities and the environment, Greenpop has launched the Eden Regeneration Project. Brew Kombucha is excited to help out too, so we will be contributing 1% of all sales during the month of July 2018.  You can contribute directly to the cause here too or head over to our online shop or closest stockist to buy some Brew Kombucha and contribute that way.

The project aims to regenerate the ecosystem along the Garden Route. To realise this objective, Greenpop is raising funds to implement urban greening activations, plant indigenous trees, clear alien vegetation and promote environmental awareness and management in collaboration with the local communities. Sounds like our cup of kombucha. Yes!

Join us and contribute to this cause. Together we can regreen our epic Garden Route!

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Brew Kombucha produces a 100% organic Original Rooibos Kombucha for people who care about keeping healthy and looking after nature too.

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Greenpop - Eden Regeneration Project

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