I am a born and bred Capetonian (not sure if that’s a plus or not, best city in the world though) and my mates and family (especially my old man, with a big sigh) will tell you that I’ve been much better at sports than I have at business endeavours.

Recently and with a growing passion for the impact that literacy levels have in Africa on education and general knowledge, I’ve looked for ways to help inspire more children to read and discover the world of books. This has led me to Shine Literacy and volunteering for them. They do incredible work in South Africa and I’ve grown to respect and admire the time and effort they put into improving the literacy levels of young children in our incredibly beautiful and unique country.

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So we have: Book lover + bicycle lover + some time off = Africa Cycle For Shine. I wasn’t great at math, but that about sums it up!

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Grant Clark

Cape Town, Western Cape, ZA

Book lover + bicycle lover + some time off = Cairo to Cape Town, the CT Cycle Tour, the ABSA Cape Epic and the Ironman SA for Shine. Yikes.

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The Shine Centre

Shine Literacy Programme

Cape Town, Western Cape